This Week at First (Beginning Sunday, May 28)

Sunday May 28 – World Hunger Sunday 9am ADULT FORUM – PH 10:30am HOLY COMMUNION NOISY COINS (150th Anniversary) After Worship COFFEE FELLOWSHIP – FH Monday May 29 – Memorial Day CHURCH OFFICE CLOSED Tuesday May 30 10:30am BIBLE STUDY – PH Thursday June 1 7pm FOLK ARTS – PHLL Sunday June 4 – Christian … [Read more…]

This Week at First (Beginning 5/21/17)

Sunday May 21 – Food Pantry Sunday 9am           ADULT FORUM – PH 10:30am           HOLY COMMUNION NOISY COINS (150th Anniversary) BELLS PLAY After Worship COFFEE FELLOWSHIP – FH 3pm           FLOWER PLANTING – Yard Monday May 22 6pm HANDBELLS – Balcony Tuesday May 23 10:30am BIBLE STUDY – PH Wednesday May 24 7pm SENIOR CHOIR – Choir … [Read more…]


The lefse-making at 9:00am, Monday, May 29th, in the Fellowship Hall, has been cancelled. If you want to make Lefse, contact Miriam Anderson. She will still make it that day, but at a different time and place.  


Come work on a project or help get ready for the Folk Arts Fest. The next 2 Folk Arts gatherings are Thursday, May 25, and Thursday, June 1, beginning at 7pm, in the Parish House Lower Level. Contact Miriam Anderson or Wanda Esping if you have questions or suggestions.  


Sunday, May 21st, the 3rd Sunday of the month, is Food Pantry Sunday. Please bring non-perishable items for the Church of Peace Food Pantry. You may take home a plastic bag today to help you remember! Thanks!