Sunday Worship Service: 28 June 2020

Order of Worship for June 28, 2020 Prelude: Amazing Grace – arr. Wood;┬áPam Edwards, pipe organ. Confession and Forgiveness Opening Hymn: ELW 757 – “All My Hope on God is Founded,” vs. 1, 2, 3. Miriam Anderson, vocalist; Pam Edwards, pipe organ. Prayer of the Day Readings: Tim Anderson First Reading: Jeremiah 28:5-9 Through a … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 21 June 2020

Order of Worship for June 21 Prelude: ELW 781- “Children of the Heavenly Father.”  Vocalists: Miriam Anderson & Brittany Anderson. Pianist: Pam Edwards Confession and Forgiveness Opening: ELW 660- “Lift High the Cross,”- vs. 2, 3, 4. Vocalists: Miriam Anderson & Brittany Anderson. Organist: Pam Edwards. Prayer of the Day Readings: Abbi and Amaya Lee First Reading: Jeremiah … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 14 June 2020

Order of Worship for June 14 Prelude: ELW 824: “This Is My Father’s World.” Vocalists: Brittany Anderson, Micah Bernas, and Miriam Anderson. Organist, Pam Edwards Opening: ELW 532: “Gather Us In”- vs. 1,2,4. Vocalists: Brittany Anderson & Miriam Anderson. Organist, Pam Edwards Prayer of the Day Readings: Alexey Knudsen First ReadingExodus 19:2-8a 2 They had journeyed from Rephidim, entered … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: The Holy Trinity: 7 June 2020

Order of Worship for June 7- Holy Trinity Prelude: 525- “You Are Holy“** Miriam Anderson, vocalist** Janet Stodd, flutist** Pam Edwards, pianist Thankgiving for Baptism Opening Hymn: 819- “Come, All You People”– verse in Swahili, then all 3 English verses** Brittany Anderson & Miriam Anderson, vocalists** Miriam Anderson, drummer** Pam Edwards, pianist Readings- Cari Wehrheim … [Read more…]