Sunday Worship Service: 24 October 2021

Blessings to you on this beautiful, rainy pledge Sunday! Pledges were received this morning during the prelude. If you were not able to join us or just not ready to pledge, feel free to mail your pledge card to the office. Out of God’s great gift, we in turn give what we can of what … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 17 October 2021

Peace to you, siblings in Christ. Please enjoy our worship for 17 Oct 2021. Order of Worship for Sunday, October 17, 2021: Prelude: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,”- Innes. ANNOUNCEMENTS Meditation Today’s gospel starts with disciples obsessing over who will be closest to Jesus, leading to Jesus teaching his followers about God’s take on … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 10 October 2021

Commemorations Massie L. Kennard, renewer of the church, died 1996 Sunday, October 10, 2021 A native of Chicago, Kennard was a major figure in supporting and working toward ethnic and racial inclusiveness in the former Lutheran Church in America. Ordained in 1958, he served in positions including Director for Minority Concerns of the Division for … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 3 October 2021

Blessings to you, this day! Thank you to all who made service great today and for the opportunity to hear about the discipleship/stewardship practice of Invite! Who/How will you invite someone into deeper relationship this week? Peace, Pastor Chris Lee Order of Service for Sunday, October 3, 2021: Prelude: “How Firm a Foundation,” arr. Wood. … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 26 September 2021

Blessings this day! Grace and Peace to you wherever you are finding a time and space for worshipping our gracious God. Peace, Pastor Chris Lee Order of Worship for Sunday, September 26, 2021 Prelude: ELW 540- “Go, Make Disciples.” Miriam Anderson, soloist. ANNOUNCEMENTS Stewardship: Pam Edwards Meditation Someone who isn’t part of Jesus’ own circle is … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 19 September 2021

Peace to you all, this day! I hope you can embrace your childlike wonder, joy and trust these days. Trust that God is leading and supporting you. Share the joy that comes with that knowledge. Wonder who still needs to hear that good news! Peace, Pastor Chris Lee Order of Worship for Sunday, September 19, … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 12 September 2021

Blessings to you today. Today we began the 6-week fall course on Growing as Disciples and Stewards, leading up to our fall financial stewardship pledge Sunday on Oct 24. Our first topic today was “Pray”, please be attentive to how/who/why we pray in our lives as disciples and stewards! Thanks to Mike McCalester for being … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 5 September 2021

Blessings to you, today, siblings in Christ! Special thanks and praise for the choir leadership for the prelude today! And thank you to Brittany for her song leadership this morning. Peace, Pastor Chris Lee Order of Worship for Sunday, September 5, 2021: Prelude: TFF 147 “We Shall Not Be Moved,” ; Senior Choir. ANNOUNCEMENTS Meditation … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 29 August 2021

Thank you for the beautiful quilt, Pam King and all those who tied on a prayer for comfort and healing for the mother of Cindy Dixon, Barb Martin. (32:58 in the recording) Additionally we prayed for Shelley Collis and will add to our prayers Barbara Witt. As mentioned in the sermon, if you have a … [Read more…]

Sunday Worship Service: 22 August 2021

Thank you to Pastor Vince Marolla, who was the Guest Pastor for Worship Service! Order of Worship for Sunday, August 22, 2021: Prelude: “How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings,”- Liddle. Vocal Soloist, Miriam Anderson ANNOUNCEMENTS Meditation In today’s gospel many people take offense at Jesus’ invitation to eat his flesh and drink his blood; even many … [Read more…]