First, We Give Of Ourselves: Giving in Generosity

“God’s Generosity and Our Own”

This week, our Bible text, from I John 4:7-12, prompts the following questions about our giving and sharing gifts. How do we give in generosity? Why do we give in generosity? These are critical questions for growing disciples and stewards. For the Christian, generosity is initiated by God. It is God’s grace and love that always provides the first note in the composition of life. The writer of I John says, “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we ought to love one another.” I John 4:11 Our giving, our generosity, is not done to elicit a response from God, but rather, in a joyful response for what God has already done for us in Christ. God’s note of grace always underlies life in grace and generosity.


In what ways have you experienced “giving in generosity” this week, either by giving or receiving?


September 11 is Generosity Sunday!

Generosity Sunday will offer a time of generosity as we will have the opportunity to share a gift above and beyond our regular giving, for ProjectPromise Build Kits of Care, a project of Lutheran World Relief. Kits of care are continuing reminders to people in the United States right now, as school starts, that people, such as you care. In this giving, we celebrate God’s generosity and our response in being a blessing for others.


Thank you for your generosity!